BFPG at Big Tent Ideas Festival

The British Foreign Policy Group will be returning to Big Tent Ideas Festival this year on Saturday 31st August at Mudchute Farm, Isle of Dogs. We will be hosting two panel discussions in the ‘Global’ tent: one on ‘The Future of Britain’s Place in the World’ and one on ‘UK Sport and Soft Power’

The Future of Britain’s Place in the World

10.30-11.20, Global Tent

This session will discuss public opinion on foreign policy in the UK (based on our polling done earlier in 2019) and also gauge audience opinion on foreign policy issues through interactive voting. With these results the aim is to kickstart a wider discussion on Britain’s place in the world both now and in the future.

UK Sport and Soft Power

15.50-16.40, Global Tent

This panel discussion will consider the role that sport can play in enhancing the UK’s soft power. The UK is considered a Soft Power Superpower with strong assets such as educational institutions, arts, and sporting teams. The panel will seek to explore the role that the UK’s sporting assets can play as a soft power tool, and how best we can harness this tool to the country’s advantage.


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The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the BFPG. The BFPG is an independent not for profit organisation that encourages constructive, informed and considered opinions without taking an institutional position on any issue.
Tom Cargill

Tom Cargill is Executive Director of the British Foreign Policy Group. He has worked in various roles in the public, private and NGO sectors, including at the charity for children in care Believe, as well as 10 years at Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs) followed by 4 years at the engineering, procurement and construction multinational Bechtel. He is the author of numerous reports, chapters and articles on international and foreign policy issues.