UK Curbs Global Britain Ambitions – POLITICO

Director of the British Foreign Policy Group, Sophia Gaston, spoke to POLITICO in the fallout of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Spending Review – discussing what it meant for the UK’s ‘Global Britain’ ambitions.

Sophia said Sunak’s statement had offered “some important funding clarity around the Global Britain project” — but said it had lacked a “conceptual framework to piece together a clear narrative about the U.K.’s role in the world.”

Gaston is among those looking to the U.K’s delayed “Integrated Review” for clarity. The process promises to offer a comprehensive look at Britain’s security, defence, development and foreign policy, and define the country’s place in the world for the next decade.

“There are strong and welcome signals on the emphasis this government will be placing on tackling climate change, the global pandemic response, and ambitions for the U.K. to become a ‘science superpower’ — but it is not yet clear how these will fall into place as part of a cohesive vision for advancing Britain’s global interests,” Gaston said.

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