Third-Party Publications

September 12, 2017

Next Generation UK

This report jointly released by DEMOS and The British Council explores youth attitudes and aspirations. It includes key research themes such as the UK’s place in the world and political and social engagement.

Demos British Council0
September 4, 2017

UK Strategy in Asia: some starting principles

This report offers a number of starting principles for what the UK's strategy in Asia should look like. It explores how engaging more in Asia opens the doors to new opportunities but also examines the possible dilemmas that the UK is likely to face as it develops its Asia policy.

Policy Exchange0
July 20, 2017

Defence Innovation and the UK: Responding to the Risks Identified by the US Third Offset Strategy

This paper examines the implications of the US Third Offset Strategy for the UK. It finds that UK defence equipment capabilities costing £16 billion a year are increasingly vulnerable to low-cost, technology-rich weapons from hostile states. It argues that the UK government has focused more on offensive systems over protective capabilities, and it calls for a commitment to research, innovation and adaptive technologies for defence.

July 18, 2017

The Soft Power 30

The soft power 30 index is an annual publication which aims to bring new clarity to the concept of soft power. In bringing together objective metrics and international polling data, The Soft Power 30 provides a new framework for understanding, measuring and comparing the soft power resources of the world’s leading nations.

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