Announcement: The Rt Hon Gisela Stuart – new Honorary President of the British Foreign Policy Group

We are pleased to announce that the Rt Hon Gisela Stuart will take up the role of Honorary President of the British Foreign Policy Group (BFPG), with immediate effect. Gisela is the second Honorary President to be appointed to the BFPG, with Sir Simon Fraser GCMG taking up the role last week.

Gisela has a wealth of experience in politics, with a particular concern to ensure UK foreign policy reflects and protects the interests of citizens across the UK.  Gisela is Chair of Change Britain, an organisation set up to make a success of Britain’s exit of the EU. During the European Referendum campaign in 2016 she was Chair of the Vote Leave campaign. Previously she was the MP for Birmingham Edgbaston from 1997 until she stood down in 2017. As MP, amongst other things, she was on the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Defence Select Committee, and Intelligence and Security Committee.

Tom Cargill, Executive Director of the BFPG said: “I’m very pleased Gisela has agreed to become our second Honorary President of the BFPG. Her tireless commitment to an effective, inclusive and genuinely national UK foreign policy conversation is at the heart of our work as the BFPG.

Gisela Stuart said: “ Now is the time to reach out to communities across the UK and build a sense of national purpose and ambition in our foreign policy that engages with the radically changing world in which we are living.  I’m delighted to take up this honorary role with BFPG which I believe has a significant role to play in changing the way our country develops its international relationships ’.

Gisela and Sir Simon Fraser will be joined by a third President with complementary backgrounds and skills.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the BFPG. The BFPG is an independent not for profit organisation that encourages constructive, informed and considered opinions without taking an institutional position on any issue.
Edward Elliott

Edward Elliott is a Senior Associate at the British Foreign Policy Group.