Manchester: Soft Power Entrepreneur

Manchester: Soft Power Entrepreneur

The latest report from the BFPG “Manchester: Soft Power Entrepreneur” by David Adams, explains how Manchester has developed an enviable track record in building profile and relationships around the world. The report aims to help policy makers and others around the UK understand how and why Manchester has been particularly successful in its international outreach, and converting these into concrete outcomes with regards to jobs, investment and economic opportunities.

The foreword to this paper is written by Sir Howard Bernstein Strategic Advisor to Deloitte. He was formerly Chief Executive of Manchester City Council (1998-2017) and former Head of Paid Service for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (2011-2017).

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Manchester: Soft Power Entrepreneur
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Edward Elliott

Edward Elliott is Research & Operations Manager at the British Foreign Policy Group. He is a graduate in politics, international relations, French, and law, having studied at Durham University and Sciences Po. Fluent in Spanish as well as French, he has worked in France, Spain, England, and Slovakia before joining the BFPG as a researcher and helping establish the organisation.