Behind Global Britain: Public Opinion on the UK’s Role in the World

A new report from the British Foreign Policy Group’s Edward Elliott and social researcher Sophia Gaston shows Britons are deeply divided about Britain’s future role in the world. Despite the government having adopted the ‘Global Britain’ mantra championed by Brexit campaigners to guide its foreign policy strategy, the report finds that those who voted Leave in the EU Referendum are consistently the least likely to support an active international role.

The report, BEHIND GLOBAL BRITAIN: PUBLIC OPINION ON THE UK’S ROLE IN THE WORLD is based on a new survey conducted with BMG Research. It reveals stark differences in preferences about the UK’s international role, based on age, education, geography and political affiliation – and highlights the role that inequalities in access to international opportunities play in shaping how Britons see the world.

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Edward Elliott

Edward Elliott is a Senior Associate at the British Foreign Policy Group.