Event Summary: Student Ambassador Event, Futures in Foreign Policy

On the 11th June 2019, the BFPG Student Ambassador team at the University of Exeter hosted a careers event on Futures in Foreign Policy.

The event was designed for students interested in pursuing a career in a foreign policy related path to hear from those with experience across a variety of sectors.

The panellists included:

Myles Wickstead CBE – former civil servant with a career in development and diplomacy. Current visiting professor at King’s College London and Associate Prof at University of Exeter.

Edward Elliott – Research and Operations Manager at the British Foreign Policy Group.

Julia Paci – Employability and student engagement manager at the University of Exeter.

Pauline Hayes CBE – former civil servant, Department for International Development.

Sophie McCormack – Masters student, Applied Security Strategy specialising in atomic weapons and nuclear deterrence.


The panellists gave unique insights into their experiences and opportunities, and answered questions about their paths through the field, with the aim of helping students learn about and develop their own career ambitions.

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Flora Holmes

Flora Holmes is a Researcher at the British Foreign Policy Group.