Dundee: International Perspectives and Ambitions

27th February 2020

On 27th February, The British Foreign Policy Group will host an event with two panel discussions on the international perspectives and ambitions of Dundee, Scotland. Hosted as part of the BFPG’s National Engagement Programme, this event will connect representatives from business, government, arts and culture, higher education and civil society sectors to discuss how Dundee can best leverage its international priorities after Brexit.

Our first panel will address ‘Dundee’s Place in the World’, assessing Dundee’s international priorities and its place within UK foreign policy. Our speakers will explore Dundee’s perspective on Scottish and wider UK foreign policy ambitions, identifying how these can be achieved and how best the UK Government can engage with Dundee as the UK moves into this new phase in its foreign policy.

Our second panel will explore ‘Telling Dundee’s Story’. Drawing on local soft power organisations, the panel will discuss how Dundee can tell its narrative to the world, both historically and in terms of Dundee’s present-day strengths. Hearing from leaders in entrepreneurship, the arts, Dundee’s museums, and our host at the V&A himself, the conversation will explore Dundee’s unique soft power offer.

The National Engagement Programme aims to develop BFPG and FCO thinking on how best Government might engage with the international priorities of cities and regions across the UK through a combination of regional events and research. We encourage local representatives from a range of sectors to attend and share their insights and priorities as part of a lively debate.


Speakers: Dundee’s Place in the World

Paul Brummell CMG, Head of Soft Power and External Affairs at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Alison Henderson, Chief Executive at the Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce

Prof Kurt Mills, Professor of International Relations at the University of Dundee

Alistair MacDonald, Senior Policy Analyst, British Council

Tom Cargill (Chair), Executive Chair of the British Foreign Policy Group


Speakers: Telling Dundee’s Story

Philip Long, Director at the V&A Dundee

Chris Van der Kuyl, Founder and Chairman at 4J Studios, Chairman of Entrepreneurial Scotland

Beth Bates, Director at Dundee Contemporary Arts

Matthew Jarron, Director at the Abertay Historical Society and Dundee Museums

Tom Cargill (Chair), Executive Chair of the British Foreign Policy Group


Please arrive from 12.30 for a prompt start at 1.00. 

If you have any questions regarding the event, please don’t hesitate to contact Katarina Kosmala-Dahlbeck at katarina@bfpg.co.uk.

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