In Conversation With: the Rt Hon Gisela Stuart and Sir Simon Fraser

On Wednesday, 27th November the British Foreign Policy Group welcomed the Rt Hon Gisela Stuart and Sir Simon Fraser, the BFPG’s Honorary Presidents and two hugely influential thinkers on British foreign policy, to take part in a discussion chaired by Sophia Gaston on the future of the UK’s foreign policy.

The discussion centered around the UK’s relationships with the USA, China, and Europe, and the international direction of Britain once it leaves the European Union. Sir Simon Fraser suggested that leaving the EU would limit our international reach, and that it may lead Britain on a path towards further separation ‘on the Union and more’.

Both speakers agreed that the UK should be more strategic in adapting to the changing world order, and that the Foreign Office needs to do more to champion this, with Gisela Stuart commenting that ‘spending money on aid and international development is nice, but it doesn’t amount to a foreign policy’.

To hear more of the discussion, watch the event below.

Watch: In Conversation With: the Rt Hon Gisela Stuart and Sir Simon Fraser
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Flora Holmes

Flora Holmes is a Researcher at the British Foreign Policy Group.