Toward a Free Trade or Protectionist Future?

Toward a Free Trade or Protectionist Future?

20th November

This workshop will bring together leading stakeholders with an interest and understanding of the social dimensions of the UK’s forthcoming debate on trade policy – including public opinion on trade, the likely constituencies involved in protests and activism, and the most pressing issues at stake in the public and political conversation.

The discussion will inform the development of an upcoming BFPG research project, exploring the nature of public opinion on trade in the UK, and how it may shift and evolve when (if) the UK assumes full ownership of its global trading policy.


David Henig, Director, UK Trade Policy Project, European Centre for International Political Economy

Lucia Zitti, EU Exit and International Trade Team, National Farmers Union

John Cooke, Chairman, Liberalisation of Trade in Services Committee, TheCityUK

Edward Barker, Senior Policy Advisor on Trade and Brexit, National Pig Association

Sam Lowe, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform

Kierra Box, Campaign Lead, Brexit, Friends of the Earth

Sophia Gaston (Chair), Managing Director, British Foreign Policy Group

Further participants to be announced.

The workshop will take place from 12.30 to 2 pm. Lunch will be provided for all attendees. Please note that the workshop will be conducted under the Chatham House rule, and attendance at this event is by invitation only.

23 Grafton Street

Katarina Kosmala-Dahlbeck