Resetting UK-EU Relations After Brexit

9th January 2020


  • Peter Foster, Europe Editor at The Telegraph
  • Georgina Wright, Senior Researcher, Brexit Team, Institute for Government
  • Matthew O’Toole, former No 10 Brexit Spokesperson, political commentator on Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Alberto Nardelli, Europe Editor at Buzzfee
  • Marie Le Conte, Political Journalist and author of ‘Haven’t You Heard? Gossip, Power & How Politics Really Works.’
  • Sophia Gaston (Chair,) Director of the British Foreign Policy Group


Leaving the European Union has been promoted as an opportunity to realise ‘a truly Global Britain’ – strengthening our relations with other international allies, such as the Commonwealth and the United States, and opening our engagement with developing economies around the world. 

Whether or not we are able to forge these new relationships, it is evident that geography and the evolving world order means we will also need to continue to work closely on a number of levels with our European neighbours. Issues such as climate change, defence, security and intelligence, data rights and media freedoms, lend themselves to international cooperation, and will continue to grow in importance over the coming years. 

The fractious nature of the Brexit debate has at times put strain on our relations with the EU and with individual member states, and our relations will necessarily need to evolve as we transition towards becoming a ‘third country’. Therefore, there is an urgent need to reimagine and renew our relations with the EU and with our allies in Europe. In this event, we will discuss the nature of the challenge, where Britain should prioritise its efforts, and why our European neighbours should also seize this opportunity to reinvest in the UK-EU relationship.


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Katarina Kosmala-Dahlbeck