Is a new ‘Trump deal’ the answer to the Iran nuclear problem? – City A.M

British Foreign Policy Group Communications & Events Manager, Matt Gillow, argued in City A.M that whilst the current Iran nuclear deal is a ‘shell,’ we shouldn’t risk throwing the baby out with the bath water and pulling out of the deal all together. Arguing that kow-towing to the US risks undermining new-found British foreign policy independence, Matt said:

The fact is that no new Iran Nuclear deal will be a silver bullet to tensions in the Middle East, and focus should be on developing a more coherent, joint strategy in the region, whilst ironing out the flaws in the current deal.” 

Matt went on to say: “simply kowtowing to the US on post-Brexit foreign policy would be a mistake. The UK shouldn’t miss an opportunity to shape a distinct foreign policy strategy, with a focus on convening the big picture conversations on today’s issues.”

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