Germany’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Germany’s Response the Coronavirus Pandemic: In Conversation with Bojan Pancevski of the Wall Street Journal.

Sophia Gaston, Director of the British Foreign Policy Group, talks with Bojan Pancevski, the Berlin Correspondent of the Wall Street Journal, about Germany’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. They discuss Germany’s structural advantages in tackling the crisis, its social and political impacts, and the future of the European Union after yet another crisis has challenged ‘solidarity’.

Bojan Pancevski is The Wall Street Journal’s Germany Correspondent, covering all aspects of Europe’s largest economy and its influence on the rest of the continent and beyond. Before joining the WSJ he had been covering Europe for The Sunday Times from Brussels and Vienna, focusing on subjects as diverse as the war in Eastern Ukraine, the 2015 migration crisis, the rise of Islamic terror, Russian meddling in Europe and Britain’s departure from the European Union.

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Bojan Pancevski on Germany’s Response to COVID-19 - The British Foreign Policy Group

Sophia Gaston

Sophia is the Director of the British Foreign Policy Group.