How the World Reacted to Joe Biden’s Victory – Herald Sun

In the wake of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the US Presidential elections, Director of the British Foreign Policy Group, Sophia Gaston, spoke to the Herald Sun about what the victory means for the world.

Sophia said: “it’s no surprise that Boris Johnson has singled out climate change as a key area of cooperation with a Biden administration. This is a specific area on which Biden and Johnson are aligned, and which Trump and Johnson disagreed. We know that Biden is going to seek to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and Britain is also of course scheduled to host the major COP26 summit and lead the G7 presidency in 2021 – and the UK is planning on using both of these platforms to drive climate action forward.”

On the special relationship, Sophia said: “there have been some personal tensions between Biden’s camp and Boris Johnson, partly due to Johnson’s past comments about President Obama, and cooperation on climate change provides fertile ground to heal and start the relationship afresh.”

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