The world will welcome the new ‘Global Britain’ – Spectator

The world will welcome the new ‘Global Britain’ – Spectator

Director of the British Foreign Policy Group, Sophia Gaston, wrote for the Spectator on the UK’s release of the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy.

Sophia said: ‘Global Britain’ is no longer simply a slogan, but a roadmap underpinning a fundamental shift in our international ambitions. The Global Britain set out in the Review is a dynamic, forward-looking, tech-savvy nation, in which our domestic and international resilience is seen as one.”

“Our friends and partners around the world will welcome this bold new commitment from the United Kingdom to promote global leadership, security and prosperity. The challenge now is to ensure the British people claim a stake in this vision and, after a bruising five years, come together around the idea of a common national interest. A strong and united Britain at home will hold a more powerful voice on the world stage.”

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