Understanding the UK’s Foreign Policy Tribes

Wednesday 12 May 2021, 3pm-4pm

Join the BFPG’s Director Sophia Gaston as she presents on the key findings of the organisation’s recent report on The UK’s Foreign Policy Tribes: Understanding Polarisation and Cohesion on International Affairs at a briefing event hosted by British Expertise International.

The report builds on the BFPG’s Annual Survey of Public Opinion on Foreign Policy and Global Britain – the most comprehensive dataset of public attitudes towards international affairs, and segments the UK adult population into four foreign policy ‘tribes’ across the full spectrum of public opinion. The segmentation demonstrates both the important areas of convergence and divergence in public opinion on international affairs, as well as helping to quantify the electoral power of each of the tribes. The findings reveal a deeply polarised nation, but with important pathways to unity and consensus, which must be harnessed as the UK seeks to become ‘a truly Global Britain’.

As Sophia Gaston notes, “It is important to give credence to both the gravity of the force underpinning this ‘pulling apart’, and the resilient foundation of commonality that endures amongst the British people”.


Limited places are available. Registration for the event can be accessed here.

Evie Aspinall

Evie is the Director of the British Foreign Policy Group