Diplomatic Hour: In Conversation with Deputy Head of Mission at the German Embassy

On the 17th April 2024, The British Foreign Policy Group was privileged to host Mr Rüdiger Bohn, the Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, London, for a closed-door roundtable focused on some of the biggest challenges facing both the UK and Germany.

The event brought together a group of UK-based experts, policymakers, business- and thought-leaders with an interest in the bilateral relationship and European security more broadly. The roundtable was run under the ‘Chatham House’ rule and stimulated an engaging conversation around Germany’s own perspectives on some of the geopolitical challenges facing the world.

This event was part of BFPG’s ‘Diplomatic Hour’ event series, which will see Ambassadors from across the UK’s most important global partners come together with stakeholders from across the foreign policy sphere in a series of public events and private roundtables.