About Us

The British Foreign Policy Group (BFPG) is an independent, non-partisan think tank dedicated to advancing the UK’s global influence, at a crucial time in the nation’s modern history. Our core objective is to bridge the link between the domestic and international spheres – recognising that Britain’s foreign policy choices are shaped by our social landscape at home, and the social, economic and political constraints of both our allies and strategic rivals. BFPG works as the connective tissue between the UK’s policy-makers, businesses, institutions, and ordinary citizens, to promote the connectivity and understanding needed to underpin Britain’s national resilience and global leadership in the 21st Century.


The BFPG produces pioneering social research, which provides a holistic picture of the social trends shaping public attitudes on foreign policy and the UK’s role in the world. Our flagship projects include our annual public opinion survey has become the leading UK quantitative research project on foreign affairs and the UK’s role in the world. We also co-convene the UK Soft Power Group, alongside the British Council, bringing together some of the UK’s most treasured soft power assets to explore how to strengthen the UK’s international activities. We also run regular event series, such as ‘Diplomatic Hour’ with London’s Diplomatic Corps, as well as producing regular blogs and reports on issues pertinent to the nexus between international and foreign policy.


We believe that, harnessed with this knowledge, and with these assets, Britain will have the best chance to succeed in its ambitions to promote prosperity, peace, security and openness – both at home and abroad. The BFPG believes that a strong and united nation at home is the essential foundation of a confident and effective British foreign policy.


The British Foreign Policy Group is a not-for-profit organisation. We accept organisational and project-based funding from institutions, foundations and individuals that share our values, and which accept our mandate for full editorial independence.


We are proud to have received our initial capital from Strategy International, and are now working to develop partnerships with a range of partners in government, foundational trusts and charities, and the private sector. We appreciate how important transparency is to the trust and legitimacy of the research sector, and will always stipulate where projects have been supported by specific funders – for example, our National Engagement Programme is a partnership with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office of the United Kingdom.


As a fundamental principle, we will not accept funding from states or embassies working on behalf of non-democratic regimes, or against the democratic interests of the United Kingdom.

If you are interested to learn more about the work of the BFPG, or in partnering with us, please drop us a line on: hello@bfpg.co.uk