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At the core of BFPG’s work is the belief that effective foreign policy making is best made when it involves a diversity of voices from academia, think tanks, government, business, civil society, the diplomatic community, and the public. Utilising this diversity of knowledge is crucial to enabling the UK to meet current and future global challenges, by understanding problems and identifying solutions from a range of perspectives. 

We therefore accept and encourage anyone interested to submit an article on a pro bono basis for publication.


• BFPG is open to a plurality of opinions, but articles must be constructive, informed and considered.

• The tone of the article must be professional and policy-orientated but should be written in accessible language

• Articles should ideally by approximately 800 words, (+/- 200 words)

Any references to quotes or external information must include hyperlinks to the original source

• BFPG is unique in its focus specifically on UK foreign policy. Blogs must therefore primarily relate to UK’s foreign policy or the impact of international events on UK foreign policy deicsionmaking


For examples of what kind of content we will publish, please view our most recent articles published by a member of BFPG staff.

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Why publish an Article?

Have your article published and participate in a national discussion on foreign policy. The BFPG encourages national discussion from authors from a range of background. We are happy to include promotion that the author of the article wishes to give to either to their personal work or that of the company they work for. This can be in the form of a logo, link to a website or publication, and/or description of the work of the individual or company, included at the bottom of the Article.

Next Steps

If you are interested in submitting an article, please send an article proposal which states the theme, angle the article will take, and structure (100 word max) to