US 2020 Presidential Elections and the Future of Transatlantic Relations

On Monday, 7th January the British Foreign Policy Group hosted a panel discussion on the US 2020 Presidential Elections and the future of transatlantic relations. Chaired by Sophia Gaston, Director of the British Foreign Policy Group, the discussion brought together Sarah Elliott, Chair of Republicans Overseas UK; Matthew McGrath, Managing Director of Emissary Holdings; Kate Andrews, Economics Correspondent at the Spectator; Dr. Brian Klaas, Lecturer of Global Politics at University College London and Columnist for the Washington Post, and Dr. Eric Kaufmann, Professor of Politics at Birkbeck College, University of London.

The lively conversation covered the links that can be drawn between current dynamics in British and American politics, reflections on Trump’s presidency and his chances of electoral success in November, the upcoming Democratic Primaries and the challenges the Party faces, as well as current global challenges and trends from immigration to Iran.

You can listen to and watch the event below.

Flora Holmes

Flora Holmes is a Researcher at the British Foreign Policy Group.