Viktor Orban may have won over right-wing British politicians, but we’re not Hungary 2.0 just yet – the Independent

Director of the British Foreign Policy Group, Sophia Gaston, wrote for the Independent on the revelation that a senior advisor to Boris Johnson, Tim Montgomerie, had emphasised a spiritual connection between Johnson’s leadership and the right-wing populist government in Hungary, led by Viktor Orban.

She argued that the UK has nothing to learn from Hungary, and that whilst: “we are about to walk away from the European Union, and if there is indeed a dividend to this moment, it is the opportunity we have to consider not just what we can learn, but what we can teach the world. Despite our recent troubles, we remain a robust democracy, with a strong foundation of liberalism at our heart. Let us be the light on the hill.”

Sophia went on to outline her personal concerns on Viktor Orban and his agenda in Hungary, pointing out that: “his dramatic political agenda touches all points of life in Hungary, and focuses not only on democratic change but also deep social engineering. Migration is positioned as an existential threat to Hungary’s Christian culture, history is rewritten to minimise the country’s role in the Holocaust.”

You can read the full piece here.

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