What might the world look like after lockdown? – Sunday Mirror

Director of the British Foreign Policy Group, Sophia Gaston, spoke to the Sunday Mirror along with a host of experts from various sectors, to discuss what the world might look like after the Coronavirus pandemic when lockdown is lifted.

Sophia spoke to Keir Mudie about the future of international affairs, and said: “Since the EU Referendum, Britain has been struggling to define its role in an increasingly volatile world – with a rising China and the Western alliance under strain, Covid-19 has only deepened these challenges.

China’s mishandling of the early stages of the pandemic has seen its relations with the United States fall to a new low. The European Union also failed to encourage its member states to work together, hoarding its own supplies as Italy fell into crisis.

Across the West, nations have turned inwards rather than looking for ways to cooperate. The big challenge will be to once again make the case for openness and connectivity. If the UK is to achieve its vision for “a truly Global Britain”, we will need to lead from the front.”

You can read the full article, on the world after lockdown, here.

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